Anima, the Brussels International Animation Festival, set to take place from 12th to 21st February 2021, is spotlighting Korea, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre, for the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Anima will be presenting all the wealth of contemporary Korean animation.

The Brussels festival will give the audience the opportunity to discover all the wealth of contemporary Korean animation that reveals a strong identity ready to criticize the shortcomings of its society through striking and challenging realism.

The Focus will be made up of Korean Colors, a programme of short films from independent filmmakers, and three features: The Shaman Sorceress, by Jae-Huun Ahn, (also the director of The Shower, Anima's closing film in 2018), Motel Rose, by Eun-a Yeo and Beauty Water, by Kyung-hun Cho.

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    The films will also be available on the Anima Online platform, presented by their directors. Anima Festival takes place 12-21 February 2021.

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