Check the full list of animation short films selected for the Annecy Festival 2022.

38 animation shorts were selected in the Official competition of this year's Annecy Festival (13-18 June 2022). 8 more films were selected in the Off-limits category (reserved for semi-experimental films), and 17 animation shorts in the Perspectives category. 9 animation shorts were selected for the Young Audience section.

Artistic director Marcel Jean reflects on the fact that the selection has fewer films (38) than usual; he attributes to the fact that the animation shorts are getting increasingly longer - implying that the selection committee had to make some 'tough choices'.

The Annecy 2022 Official Selection is carried out by the Artistic Director, Marcel Jean, with the Festival’s Films & Programme Planning team, Laurent Million, Yves Nougarède and Sébastien Sperer as well as: Cécile Giraud, Marie-Pauline Mollaret, Clémence Bragard, Gala Frecon,  Isabelle Vanini

Short Films in Competition Official

Directed by: Balazs TURAI / Country: Hungary, Romania

Anxious Body
Directed by: Yoriko MIZUSHIRI / Country: France, Japan

Babicino seksualno zivljenje
Directed by: Urska DJUKIC, Emilie PIGEARD / Country: France, Slovenia

Directed by: Nikita DIAKUR / Country: Germany, France

Beware of Trains
Directed by: Emma CALDER / Country: United Kingdom

Bird in the Peninsula
Directed by: Atsushi WADA / Country: France, Japan

Black Slide
Directed by: Uri LOTAN / Country: Israel, United Kingdom

Bottle Cap
Directed by: Marie HYON, Marco SPIER /Country: USA

Deux sœurs
Directed by: Anna BUDANOVA / Country: France

Directed by: Sean BUCKELEW / Country: USA

Directed by: David DOUTEL, Vasco SÁ / Country: Portugal, Lithuania

Directed by: Lilli CARRÉ / Country: USA

Histoire pour 2 trompettes
Directed by: Amandine MEYER / Country: France

Directed by: Honami YANO / Country: Japan

Directed by: Robert SEIDEL / Country: Germany

Directed by: Ryo HIRANO /Country: Japan

La Passante
Directed by: Hannah LETAÏF /Country: Belgium, France

Directed by: Shiva SADEGH ASADI / Country: Iran

Les Liaisons foireuses
Directed by: Violette DELVOYE, Chloé ALLIEZ / Country: Belgium, France

Letter to a Pig
Directed by: Tal KANTOR / Country: France, Israel

Louis I. Roi des moutons
Directed by: Markus WULF / Country: Germany

Lucky Man
Directed by: Claude LUYET / Country: Switzerland

Directed by: Lin ZHANG, Qinnan LI /
Country: China

Directed by: Raphaelle STOLZ / Country: France, Switzerland

O Homem do Lixo
Directed by: Laura GONÇALVES / Country: Portugal

Of Wood
Directed by: Owen KLATTE / Country: USA

Directed by: Stéphanie CLÉMENT / Country: France

Directed by: Joseph PIERCE / Country: France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Belgium

Sprite Fright
Directed by: Matthew LUHN, Hjalti HJALMARSSON /Country: Netherlands

Directed by: Spela CADEZ / Country: Slovenia, Germany, France

Directed by: Ülo PIKKOV / Country: Estonia

Terra incognita
Directed by: Pernille M. A. KJAER, Adrian DEXTER / Country: Denmark, France

The Debutante
Directed by: Elizabeth HOBBS / Country: United Kingdom

The Flying Sailor
Directed by: Amanda FORBIS, Wendy TILBY / Country: Canada

The Invention of Less
Directed by: Noah ERNI / Country: Switzerland

The Record
Directed by: Jonathan LASKAR / Country: Switzerland

Things that Disappear
Directed by: Changsoo KIM / Country: South Korea

Directed by: Carlos GOMEZ SALAMANCA / Country: Colombia, France

Till We Meet Again, Ülo Pikkov

Perspectives Short Films in Competition

Directed by: Ingrid AGBO / Country: France, Togo

Angle mort
Directed by: Lotfi ACHOUR / Country: France, Tunisia

Bolo raz jedno more...
Directed by: Joanna KOZUCH / Country: Poland, Slovakia

Compositions for Understanding Relationships
Directed by: David DELAFUENTE / Country: USA

Directed by: Ursula ULMI / Country: USA, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland

L'Écrivain aveugle
Directed by: Georges SIFIANOS / Country: France, Greece

Directed by: Abhishek VERMA, Jayesh PILLAI / Country: India

Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics
Directed by: Terril CALDER / Country: Canada

More Than I Remember
Directed by: Amy BENCH / Country: USA

Once More with Feeling
Directed by: Pallavi AGARWALA / Country: India, United Kingdom

Pandaların Nesli Nasıl Tükendi?
Directed by: Halim YENTÜR / Country: Turkey

Directed by: Steven FRASER /Country: United Kingdom

Directed by: Wilson BORJA / Country: Colombia

Rites of Spring
Directed by: Yiorgos TSANGARIS / Country: Cyprus

Ta presneta ocetova kamera!
Directed by: Miloš TOMIC / Country: Slovenia

The Best Grandfather in the World
Directed by: Nina BISYARINA / Country: Russia

The Visit
Directed by: Morrie TAN /Country: Singapore

The Blind Writer, Georges Sifianos

Off-Limits Short Films in Competition

Directed by: Ethann NÉON / Country: Belgium

Arrest in Flight
Directed by: Adrian FLURY / Country: Switzerland

Directed by: Dirk KOY / Country: Switzerland

La mujer como imagen, el hombre como portador de la mirada
Directed by: Carlos VELANDIA / Country: Colombia

Directed by: Anaïs SCHEECK-LAURIOT / Country: France

Train Again
Directed by: Peter TSCHERKASSKY / Country: Austria

Under the Microscope
Directed by: Michaela GRILL / Country: Austria, Canada

Very, Very, Tremendously
Directed by: Guangli LIU /Country: China, France

Young Audiences Short Films in Competition

Directed by: Philip WATTS / Country: Australia

Cat and Moth
Directed by: India BARNARDO / Country: Canada, United Kingdom

Cuci cuci
Directed by: Mara LININA / Country: Latvia

Hokkyoku-Guma Suggoku Hima
Directed by: Koji YAMAMURA / Country: Japan

La calesita
Directed by: Augusto SCHILLACI / Country: Argentina, USA

La Reine des renards
Directed by: Marina ROSSET / Country: Switzerland

La Soupe de Franzy
Directed by: Ana CHUBINIDZE / Country: France, Georgia

Luce and the Rock
Directed by: Britt RAES / Country: Belgium, France, Netherlands

Paolos Glück
Directed by: Thorsten DRÖßLER, Manuel SCHROEDER / Country: Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland

Luce and the Rock

Graduation and TV/ Commisioned films to be revealed 28 March. Annecy Festival takes place 13-18 June 2022

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