See the awards of the 2014 Anima festival.

 Futon by Yoriko Mizushiri won the Grand Prix at the 2014 Anima festival.  The 6-minute Japanese film brings into focus a woman's perspective into her own body and memory. The film was awarded at the 2013 Hiroshima Int'l Festival and 2013 Stuttgart Animation Festival.


 A special mention was given to the US film Marcel, King of Tervuren by Tom Schroeder.

 Wind by Robert Löbel won the award for best student film [read the Zippy Frames review] , while the UK film Somewhere by Nicolas Ménard  was the runner-up (Special Jury Mention) .

The stop-motion Boles (Spela Cadez) won the Audience Award for best short film, and the adult-themed L' Arte Della Felicita [review] was selected as the audience favorite for best feature.

 The new animated film Cheatin' by Bill Plympton received the BeTV Partner's Award for Best Animated Feature.

 The full winners' list:

International competition

  • Grand Prix Anima 2014 provided by the Brussels Capital Region (2500€): Futon by Yoriko Mizushiri, Japan
    Special mention: Marcel, King of Tervuren by Tom Schroeder USA
  • Award for Best Student Short Film provided by Toon Boom(Toon Boom Harmony Autonome and Storyboard Pro software licences): Wind by Robert Löbel,  Germany
    Special mention: Somewhere by Nicolas Ménard, UK
  • Award for Best Children's Short Film (Radio Bobo jury): Le Père Frimas by Youri Tcherenkov, France
  • Audience Award for Best Short Film, provided by Fluxys (2.500€): Boles by Spela Cadez, Slovenia/Germany
  • Audience Award for Best Animated Feature, provided by FedEx (FedEx credit, worth 2.500 €): L' Arte della Felicità by Alessandro Rak,  Italy
  • Audience Award for Best Children's Short Film: The Snowman and the Snowdog by Hilary Audus,  UKAnimation Night
  • Audience Award for Best Short Film: Rollin' Safari by Kyra Buschor, Anna Habermehl, Constantin Päplow
  • Audience Award for Best Children's Animated Feature: Ma Maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill by Marc Boréal and Thibaut Chatel, France/Luxemburg

Partners Awards:

BeTV Award for Best Animated Feature: Cheatin' by Bill Plympton,  USA

National Competition

  • Grand Prix de la Fédération Wallonie, Bruxelles (2.500 €): Autour du Lac by Noémie Marsily and Carl Roosesn
  • SABAM Award (2.500€): La Buche de Noël by Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier
  • SACD Award (2.500 €): Mia by Wouter Bongaerts
  • TVPaint Award for Best Belgian Student Short Film (TVPaint software licence): Rêves de Brume by Sophie Racine

Special mention: Diamant by Kris Mergan and Geert Vandenbroele


Partners Awards:

  • BeTv Award (1.500 € including acquisition of broadcasting rights): 850 meters by Joeri Christiaen RTBF
  • La Trois Award (acquisition of broadcasting rights): Rêves de Brume by Sophie Racine
  • Cinergie Award (Electronic Press Kit): Rêves de Brume by Sophie Racine

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