The very early highlights of the professional Futuranima section of Anima, Brussels.

The Belgian Anima Festival (21 Feb- 1 Mar 2020)  has announced the very early details of its Futuranima section. Futuranima section consists of annual professional meetings are part of the Anima Festiva.   Belgian and international animation professionals will be at Futuranima in Flagey, from Monday 24th to Saturday 29th February 2020.

Attendees will be able to meet up with leading film directors from production studios in Belgium, check out pitch sessions of short films in progress and take part in a masterclass about screenplay writing or character design. The festival will also play host to a meeting for animation festival organizers across Europe, and a day will be devoted to the connections that unite comic books and cartoon: royalty free comic books, author's career paths, debates etc.

Belgian studios are recruiting
Some of the biggest Belgian animation studios will be visiting Futuranima to present future projects and those in progress. These presentations will be followed by a recruitment session for experienced animators, pre-selected for an individual interview. We will also take advantage of the presence of studio professionals for an information session about the intricacies of work contracts, as well as a meeting devoted to VR technology (virtual reality and 360° films) and video games.

Anima is offering accreditation for industry professionals as well as animation students at a special price, which will be available from January 2020. Your pass will then give you access to all Festival screenings throughout the 10 days! (except for the opening and closing screenings and the two masterclasses).

Accreditation for animation students: 35€, (documentary proof required). Available from January 2020.
Accreditation for industry professionals: 40€.
Available from the Pro page of the website from January 2020.

Anima 2020 will be in full swing with screenings of getting on for 300 features and short films, including an international competition for feature films, national and international short film competitions, retrospectives, a tribute to the Mélusine studio, a focus on Scandinavian animation, and a host of other events such as the Animated Night, concerts, exhibitions and other entertainmen.

Around fifty international guests are also expected at the Festival. The list of selected short films will be announced Friday 6th December.  Full programme details will be online on 30th January 2020.

Co-organizing partners for Futuranima professional days: Amplo, Screen Brussels, the SACD and the SCAM, Spirou magazine, the ASA (Audiovisual Screenwriters Association), the Scenaristengilde, the Pilen, Enclume Studio and Mediarte.

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