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The Estonian (former Animated Dreams Festivals) PÖFF Shorts announced its selection results for the 2018 edition.

The international short film and animation festival PÖFF Shorts (20-28/11/2018, Tallinn, Estonia) announced the competition titles of official selection 2018. From over 3,000 submissions spanning 106 countries, the sub-festival of Black Nights Film Festival selected a total of 118 short films to the competition programmes, with 60 being animated shorts.

The international short film and animation festival PÖFF Shorts - formerly known as Sleepwalkers and Animated Dreams - comprises of three competition programmes: live action and animation with their respective student sections known as New Talents, and a National Competition to showcase the best of Estonian short form cinema.

Meet the 8 Estonian Animation Shorts Competing at this year's PÖFF Shorts

Among the selected films, Cyclists by Veljko Popović, Egg by Martina Scarpelli and Nothing Happens by Uri Kranot and Michelle Kranot are included. The short competition also features the 40-minute stop-motion film This Magnificent Cake! by Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef (Belgium). 

The New Talents Competition features 24 animation films, whereas the Estonian line-up features A Demonstration Of Brilliance In Four Acts, dir. Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak, Estonia/ Croatia,  Strawberry Eaters. Dir: Mattias Mälk, and Five Steps to the Right, dir. Äggie Pak Yee Lee

Full list of films in competition:


About a Woman Who Wanted to Fly Away. Dir: Sasha Svirsky, Russia
Between The Shadows. Dir: Alice Guimarães & Mónica Santos, Portugal, France
Bloeistraat 11. Dir: Nienke Deutz,Belgium, Netherlands
The Call. Dir: Anca Damian, Romania
The Cannonball Woman. Dir:  Albertine Zullo, David Toutevoix, Switzerland
The Cat’s Regret. Dir: Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, France, Belgium
The Common Space. Dir: Raphaële Bezin, France
Coyote. Dir: Lorenz Wunderle, Switzerland
Cyclists. Dir: Veljko Popović, Croatia
Dolly. Zero. Dir: Ugo Bienvenu, France
Dreamland. Dir: Mirai Mizue, France
Egg. Dir: Martina Scarpelli, France, Denmark
Electrician's Day. Dir: Vladimir Leschiov, Latvia
Fest. Dir: Nikita Diakur, Germany
Five minutes to sea. Dir: Natalia Mirzoyan, Russia
Flood. Dir: Stein Malte, Germany
I'm OK. Dir: Elizabeth Hobbs, Canada, UK
III. Dir: Marta Pajek, Poland
I’m going out for cigarettes. Dir: Osman Cerfon, France
The Juggler. Dir: Skirmanta Jakaité, Lithuania
Marfa. Dir: The Brothers McLeod, United Kingdom
Mermaids and Rhinos. Dir: Viktoria Traub, Hungary
My Grandpa is Hiding. Dir: Anne Huynh, France
Nothing Happens. Dir: Uri Kranot & Michelle Kranot, France
Panta Rhei. Dir: Wouter Bongaerts, Belgium
Per tutta la vita. Dir: Roberto Catani, Italy, France
Room. Dir: Michał Socha, Poland
Satellite Strangers. Dir: James Bascara, United States
Simbiosis Carnal. Dir: Rocó Álvarez, Belgium
The Sister's Bedroom. Dir: Claire Brognez, Canada
Spermaceti. Dir: Jacky De Groen, Belgium
Sweet Night. Dir: Lia Bertels, Belgium
TeBelgeza. Dir: Tessa Was, Poland
This Magnificent Cake!. Dir: Marc James Roels, Emma De Swaef, Belgium
Turbine. Dir: Alex Boya, Canada
Untravel. Dir: Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr., Serbia


61 Beehive Street. Dir: Helena Bonastre Rodriguez, United Kingdom
A Blink of an Eye. Dir: Kiana Naghshineh, Germany
Big Boy. Dir: Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson, France
Bless you! Dir: Paulina Ziolkowska, Poland
Camille. Dir: Rémy Clarke, Leïla Courtillon, Nathan Otano, France
Cops & Robbers. Dir: Florian Maubach, Germany
Dacha, Aliens, Cucumbers. Dir: Ekaterina Mikheeva, Russia
Days Off. Dir: Filip Blazek, Czech Republic
Enough. Dir: Anna Mantzaris, United Kingdom
Facing It. Dir: Sam Gainsborough, United Kingdom
Flower Found! Dir: Jorn Leeuwerink, Netherlands
Good Night, Everybuds! Dir: Benedikt Hummel, Germany
Here. Dir: Loïc Kreyden, Switzerland
Mirrors and the Message. Dir: Marie Lavis, Switzerland, France
The Northeast Kingdom. Dir: Alan Jennings, United States
Nosis. Dir: Vincenz Neuhau, Germany
Oh God! Dir: Betina Bożek, Poland
Pura Vida. Dir: Nata Metlukh, Estonia
Ripple. Dir: Mor Israeli, France
Sirens. Dir: Juli Tudisco, Hungary
Sounds Good. Dir: Sander Joon, Estonia
Squaring The Circle. Dir: Karolina Specht, Poland
Sweet Sweat. Dir: Jung Hyun Kim, Estonia, Korea
Vertigo. Dir: Liana Mihailova, Latvia


A Demonstration Of Brilliance In Four Acts. Dir: Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak, Estonia, Croatia
Destined To Be Dead. Dir: Francesco Rosso, Estonia
Five Steps to the Right. Dir: Äggie Pak Yee Lee, Estonia
Food Chain. Dir: Mari Kivi, Liis Kokk, Estonia
Good Shepherd. Dir: Anvelt Evar, Estonia
Helen's Birthday. Dir: Tanno Mee, Estonia
I Let Her Out. Dir: Rūta Pakalne, Estonia
Mesmerized. Dir: Maria Avdjuško, Estonia
New Neighbours. Dir: Riho Västrik, Estonia
Nina. Dir: Pawel Wlazewicz, Estonia
Roosenberg. Dir: Ingel Vaikla, Estonia
Strawberry Eaters. Dir: Mattias Mälk, Estonia
Three August Days. Dir: Madli Lääne, Estonia
Tomorrow Island. Dir: Gwenn Joyaux, Estonia
The Verging. Dir: Kaspar Ainelo, Estonia

The international short film and animation festival PÖFF Shorts will be held from 20-28 November 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia.

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