Environmental destruction and uncalled for obedience are the subject of wonderfully unfolding Ostrich Politics. Watch the film.

Ostrich Politic is a graduation short film from Gobelins by the Lebanese filmmaker and recent Gobelins graduate Mohammad Houhou.

Ostriches carry on their daily activities burying their heads, believing it’s an instinctive behavior. However, one day a research by phylogeneticist Dr. Kays proves otherwise.

Using direct political references, and mapping the trajectory from Barak Obama to Donald Trump,  Ostrich Politic concocts a complete poem (read it here in its entirety), to first give us hope about scientific future -only to be dispersed at the sight of narrow-minded politicians. Building up and eliminating false hopes is the dark charm of the film, which uses cinematography and lighting to evoke both Modern Times, Busby Berkeley  choreographies and Dr. Strangelove war room atmosphere in one breath.

Even though its second act would need a better focus here, the 3D noir Ostrich Politics is sure to pass its message through; freedom entails accountability, but putting your head in the sand is no way out of this.

Director : Mohamad HOUHOU
Soundtrack : Amandine ROBILLARD, Anna CORDONNIER

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