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 A detailed guide to talks and masterclasses during the 37th Anima Festival in Brussels, 9-18 February 2018.

  • MAKING OF THE BREADWINNER (12/02,  2:30 pm). The Oscar-nominated 2D film The Breadwinner by Nora Twoney will unveil its artistic secretes by the film's talented art director Reza Riahi.

  • MEETING PETER LORD (AARDMAN) 13/02 – 2:30 pm:  Peter Lord is none other than one of the founders of the celebrated Aardman studios, with David Sproxton. He has created some of the finest animated shorts or features starring the likes of Morph, Wallace and Gromit or Shaun the Sheep. An exceptional meeting with the director/co-drector of such hits as The Pirates! Band of Misfits ! or Chicken Run.
  • Work in Progress:  DILILI À PARIS Speakers: Michel Ocelot and Philippe Sonrier (Mac Guff Belgium) 16/02, 2:30 pm): Following on from Kirikou and Azur and Asmar, Michel Ocelot will present his upcoming feature, Dilili à Paris. Partly made at Mac Guff Brussels, the studio's representative, Philippe Sonrier will talk about how the film mixes Michel Ocelot's photos and animated characters. With the added bonus of some first footage from this much awaited feature.
  • WIP: PANIQUE ORGANIQUE Speakers: Marion Montaigne, Pierre Volto, Marc Jousset and Morgan Di Salvia (moderator). 17/02 – 5:00 pm: Work in progress presentation of the upcoming feature, Panique Organique by Marion Montaigne, author of the comic book of the same name, as well as the famous opus Tu mourras moins bête, which has already become a cult animation series. Panique Organique is her first feature adventure, mixing live action and animation, with the complicity of Pierre Volto, director, and Marc Jousset, producer.

  • MEETING CARLO VOGELE (PIXAR) (17/02, 2:30 pm):  After working at Pixar from 2008 to 2015, Carlo Vogele is currently working on his own feature Icare, a very liberal adaptation of the famous myth. He'll be here to talk about how to carve out a career for yourself, while also accepting commissions from big studios.
  • ROTOSCOPY ROUND TABLE Speakers: Piotr Dominiak, Kristoff Leue, Erik van Drunen (moderator)  15/02 – 11:00 am: Rotoscopy is becoming more and more popular in animation these days. However, opinions differ as the technique is considered to be a form of cheating by some, and by others as a great way to enhance the story, flesh out the characters, give free rein to spontaneity and free up the means of fabrication. Artists and technicians from films including Loving Vincent and ZOOks will discuss all the possibilities.
  • WEBCREATION #7: BOOK AND SOUND Speakers: Cécile Palusinski (La Plume de Paon: for the promotion of audio books); Thomas Pineau, (Audio Picture: adaptations of comic books in audio format) and Romain Renard, author of the graphic novel Melvile, scnographer, graphic designer and musician. Duration: about 1h45’ - 15/02 – 2:30 pm This 7th webcreation will be looking into the relationship between sound, books and animation. These meetings aim to bring together professionals working in new writing in order to promote the exchange of good practices, collaborations and the visibility of works.
  • FILMS AND SUSTAINABILITY  (16/02) What's the impact on the environment of your audiovisual production? What's your responsibility as an industry professional? The VAF is a precursor in this field: since 2013, it has supported 90 projects that have aimed to reduce their environmental impact. What does this teach us? The important steps to take in the field of transport, energy and waste, and how to adapt them to animation projects.

  • INTUITIVE CREATIVITY - MASTERCLASS MICHAEL DUDOK DE WIT (14/2, 2pm):  The Red Turtle, the outstanding film co-produced by Studio Ghibli, nominated for an Oscar and a César and winner of the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival, will be one of the subjects of this exceptional masterclass given by its director, Michael Dudok de Wit. He will talk about the making of this feature, especially touching on the more personal side of the creation, the intentional use of symbols and metaphors, the passions and struggles and the subtle and difficult aspects of creative work. "Intuitive Creativity" will be illustrated by many visual examples.

  • SCHOOL FOCUS: ESTONIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS Speaker: Priit Pärn (15/02) : Part of a large retrospective on the 100 years of Estonian independence and the rich tradition of Estonian animation,  the festival audience will  be able to discover films from the Estonian Academy of Arts as well as works by Priit Pärn, created alone or with his wife Olga Pärn. This star of Estonian animation started out during the Soviet era, where his already offbeat and surrealistic films triggered a storm with the bureaucracy. Otherwise, blue, black and white, the three colours of the Estonian flag, three symbols linked to the infinity of the sea and the sky, the blackness of the earth and the whiteness of the snow, will cover the topics of the compilations of Estonian films, curated by Mari Liis Rebane (also advised by Priit Tender, artistic director of PÖFF Shorts).

  • MEDIARTE INFO SESSION Speakers: Pauline Marlière and François-Xavier Kernkamp (Mediarte) (14/02) Mediarte encourages creation, training and employment in the Belgian audiovisual and film production sectors. This information session aims to help students and young professionals set out in the working world. Tips and handy hints based on the encouraging experience of Pauline Marlière, a game artist working on Panoptic, a virtual reality game, awarded three prizes at Gamescom 2016 (Cologne).

  • SPEED DATING FOR ANIMATION AUTHORS (15/2, 09:30) : Brief and personal meetings between literary and graphic authors working in animation to spark work collaborations and advance the making of a film. Participation in this meeting is by application only and is not open to the general public. This meeting is co-organized by L’Atelier de l’Enclume, the ASA (Association des scénaristes de l’audiovisuel, the ScenaristenGilde and the SACD-SCAM

  • UNPLUGGED NIGHT: Creatives will forsake their computers and come out from the confines of their studios to take centre stage and produce a series of animations, live and set to music.

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ANIMA FIGURES:  1659 submitted films in 2018 /  325 selected films  /  126 shorts films selected / 9 feature films / 42 represented countries / 129 screenings/  1561 swallowed pancakes / 46.000 expected spectators


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