Sander Joon

Find out all winners of the 19th Animateka Festival.

Check out the animation winners from PÖFF Shorts Tallinn festival.

Sander Joon has finished the rally-themed short animation Sierra. Here's the trailer and the new making-of video behind the scenes.

Veljko Popovic's 3D animation short Cyclists is presented online.

Sander Joon presens online his animation short Sounds Good, where a boom operator is trying to record the sound of mushrooms.

Elli Vuorinen (Still Lives), Sander Joon (Sounds Good) win at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2019. View all winners.

All the winners of the 9th Animocje International Animated Film Festival.

The animation winners of the 2018 Tallinn PÖFF Shorts festival.

All the animation winners of the 2017 Animated Dreams Competition during the PÖFF festival in Tallinn.

Around New York, Saturday 24 June? Go and see the animation bicycle programme curated by Lucinda Schreiber.

How can a bike race become a nightmare. The Estonian Sander Joon presents his no-nonsense Velodrool.


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